4″ grooved copper sleeve, Victaulic brand / 607

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QuickVic® Rigid Mechanical Coupling for Copper

Patented Style 607 Rigid Mechanical Coupling allows connection of drawn copper tubing
cold, with roll grooved ends, 2 to 8 in./50 to 200 mm (CTS). The assembly
is carried out without having to dismantle bolts, nuts, joints and half-body. Before putting on
the style 607 mechanical fitting on grooved pipe according to Victaulic specifications, place
lubricant on the seal lips. Refer to Victaulic installation instructions
I-600 for the steps to follow.

With its bolt-on angled pad design, Style 607 provides mounting rigidity
can be used at pressures ranging from complete vacuum (29.9 in Hg / 760 mm Hg) to
300 psi / 2065 kPa. The maximum pressure rating of the coupling will depend on the diameter
and the wall thickness of the pipe.

Style 607 is rigid and allows no expansion, contraction or angular deflection.
Suspended support requirements are according to the standard for fire extinguishing systems
NFPA 13 fire protection and the ASME B31.9 building service piping standard.

Victaulic Vic-Easy® roll grooving tools VE272SFS, VE270FSD, VE268,
VE416FSD and VE414MC are used to groove copper pipes types K, L, M and DWV
2 to 8 in./54.0 to 206.4 mm. The Vic-Easy VE226C tool is used on copper pipes
2 to 6 in./54.0 to 155.6 mm. With the VE26C tool, you can groove pipes in place on site.
copper from 2 to 6 in./54.0 to 155.6 mm. The tools must only be equipped with rollers
Victaulic specially designed for grooving copper pipes (copper color coded).

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