2″ grooved copper sleeve, Victaulic brand / 606

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Brand: Victaulic

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Product Description:
The Victaulic copper connection system is for joining
EN 1057 R250 (half hard) temper copper tubing in
54.0 – 159.0 mm sizes.
The system uses a proven pressure-responsive synthetic
rubber gasket to seal on the outside diameter of the
tubing. This means no heat is required and no lead
is used. The coupling housing surrounds the gasket
gripping into grooves rolled into the tubing. The housing
is isolated from the fluid, but provides the gripping
strength for pressure ratings up to 10 bar / 1000 kPa
when installed on EN 1057 R250 (half hard) temper
copper tubing.
Compatible wrought copper fittings in 90° and 45°
elbows, tees, and reducing configurations are supplied
grooved, ready for installation.
A Vic-Flange® adapter works in a similar manner with
a pressure-responsive gasket and flange design which
mates to PN10/PN16 flanged products. This permits
easy adapting of flanged components.
Standard Victaulic Vic-Easy® roll grooving tools can be
used to field or shop roll groove copper tubing from
54.0 − 159.0 mm. Tools must be equipped only with
Victaulic rolls designed specifically for grooving EN 1057
copper tube. DO NOT use rolls intended for steel or
stainless steel pipe or U.S. copper tubing.

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