Newman Milliken 1 1/4″ lubricated parallel Plug Valve

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Brand: Newman Milliken

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1 1/4"


Newman Milliken 1 1/4″ lubricated parallel Plug Valve

The plug, which is the only moving part in the valve, when ‘open’ presents a straight through passage inline with the pipe-line, and when turned through 90 degrees to the ‘closed’ position stops the flow. A special sealing compound is used to effect a completely leak tight seal. When line pressure is applied to the valve in the closed position, the parallel plug is forced to the downstream side of the valve. The plug is then in contact with the body in the area surrounding the outlet port in the body. The sealing compound which surrounds the outlet port by means of special grooves in the plug, forms a barrier to line pressure and is also spread over the sealing surfaces of the plug and body so that a very thin film of compound is established between the plug and body surfaces on the downstream side. The metal-to-metal contact of plug and body together with the barrier of sealing compound ensures a completely leak tight valve. The sealing compound also preserves the body and plug surfaces from corrosion and to some extent, abrasion, and provides lubrication for ease of operation. Providing the valve is correctly maintained, which simply means injecting a small amount of sealing compound from time to time and moving the plug, positive shut-off will result and provide many years of satisfactory service.

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